Drawing Exchange Service

The drawing exchange service for members serves as the "matchmaker" in the process of uniting someone needing a drawing with someone who has possession of it. It works in the following way:

Drawings owned by members or in members collections.

  1. A request comes to the Drawing Exchange Service.
  2. We will check to see what is held on the DEMU files, and what we have ourselves. A copy will be provided in the format requested, hard copy or electronic copy. Where possible it will be scaled to the modeller’s request.
  3. If the above check draws a blank then the members who said they are willing to support the service will be contacted to see what they have. If they are able to provide a copy it will come to the drawing service for us to forward to the member and to copy for the file.
  4. If the drawing is unavailable then a request appears in UPDate and on the DEMU Forum. Should a member have a copy and is willing to add it to the DEMU collection then they will be asked to send it to the exchange service, again for it to be added to the collection.
  5. The last port of call is the manufacturer, this when things become expensive.

Drawings in magazines

  1. If the drawing has appeared in a magazine then the member will receive a letter or e-mail giving the reference to the drawing. It is then up to the member to find a copy of the magazine either back copy or second hand.
  2. Should it prove to be difficult to get hold of a copy then in some circumstances we can copy a published drawing at no copyright charge, other publishers have stated there may be a copyright charge and one has stated flatly no copying.
  3. If we are allowed to copy the drawing then any charges will be made to the member.

A sample of one of the drawings in the collection. This one was provided and drawn by Colin Craig and illustrates a PGA stone hopper, build code PG004.